Debt Management Helpline

Introduction To Debt Management Helpline

Debt Management Helpline is a debt management organization which is associated with Ramsey Lomax Financial Solutions. Debt Management Helpline aims to help debtors to plan for a solution to help them be able to afford to pay for their monthly debts. The Debt Management Helpline will even help a debtor to stop all the charges and interests he is currently paying and help him consolidate his monthly debts into a much lower, more affordable amount.

How Debt Management Helpline Can Help A Debtor

Before a debtor decides to try Debt Management Helpline’s plan, he may firstly choose to try their free debt test available on their website. The test will only take him 30 seconds to answer a few simple questions about his debts, this will enable the company to see how they can help him. After the debtor has done the 30 seconds free debt test, by using the results of the test Debt Management Helpline are able to talk with the debtor and with him, start to plan how to reduce his monthly payments.

Debt Management Helpline requires the debtor to let them know what they can afford to pay back on a monthly basis. This enables them to understand more about the debtor’s debt and financial status. They will then help him choose the best way to negotiate with his creditor to lower his interest and begin to decrease his debts.

On the other hand, Debt Management Helpline have a number of flexible and suitable ways which can help the debtor to deal with his creditors. This includes ensuring the debtors creditors do not pester him for money he cannot afford to pay. They guarantee that they will find a way to help the debtor become debt free within 36 to 60 months with the assistance of government approved help. This will enable the debtor to soon retain his financial freedom. Instead of making a number of monthly payments that he cannot afford, the debtor will just have to make one affordable monthly payment based on his financial status.

Debt Management Helpline claim that they can help people to become free within three years. They do this by freezing a debtors charges and interest rates and in some cases they reduce the monthly charges. Debt Management Helpline also use the government approved scheme, Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). IVA is a powerful tool that can help a debtor write off up to 75% off their debts. It works by allowing the debtor and his creditors to come to a formal agreement, allowing the debtor to pay off his debts via IVA. IVA can also help a debtor to avoid bankruptcy and it can provide a long term solution to people struggling with their debts. This is why many people are now turning to the Debt Management Helpline to advise and help them find a realistic solution, when they see no way out of their increasing debts.

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Debt Management Helpline