Debt Management Jobs

Introduction To Debt Management Jobs

Debt Management Jobs is a specialist debt management job board in the United Kingdom for people to find jobs related to debt management and debt consolidation. A lot of debt management companies post their jobs on the Debt Management Jobs website, including Debt Free Direct, Unicom, Aurelia Bowerbank, D and I Recruitment Services and JTG Recruitment. Debt Management Jobs has helped many people to find jobs in this specialist field, no matter whether the person is a recent graduate, has a completely different career and is thinking about entering the debt management field or whether they are currently unemployed.

Jobs and Positions Available

On the Debt Management Jobs website there are a number of positions available for anyone and everyone interested in a job in the debt management industry. Positions include sales, customer service, team leaders, managers, insolvency practitioners, compliance and credit. Suitable qualifications are required for certain positions.

When a job is posted on Debt Management Jobs, it will state whether if is for full or part time employment. There is also a seperate section for freelancers. Following this the website shows what positions are available and what requirements each company would like the job hunter to provide. The website also states where the location of the individual company is and sometimes give details for job hunters on how to reach the company by public transport. Other things listed are whether the job is temporary or permanent and the working hours.

Applying For A Job

Once a job hunter has decided that they are interested in a position they will click ‘apply now’ and proceed to key in their basic details and anything else that the company has requested. Unless the company has asked the job hunter to email them directly, applying is as simple as pressing the ‘send my application’ button.

Job Details

For sales positions, most of the companies will require people to hit a monthly target. They will let you know the basic wages and how to calculate your bonuses once you have hit the target.

For customer service positions, people are generally required to have good communications skills and a good attitude. This is to ensure that their customers get the best service and will feel happy and satisfied after leaving the company.

For positions as a team leader, companies generally ask for strong personalities, natural leadership qualities and people who work well with others. For management positions managerial experience is usually required. Depending on your skills you will then be assigned a department and a certain number of staff.

For the insolvency practitioner position, the company will require people to have experience in the field, and also to be able to work well with responsibilities. Computer knowledge is also a must. Finally for the credit positions such as a credit controller people will be working as a team with other members of staff so interpersonal and team building skills are important.

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Debt Management Jobs