Debt Management Services

Introduction To Debt Management Services

‘Debt Management Services’ was founded in 1991 and is an organisation in the United Kingdom which provides a few different kinds of arrears management strategies. These strategies are used by banks, solicitors, housing associations, building societies, centralised lenders and local authorities. ‘Debt Management Services’ have a large number of experienced, trained, professional field agents and employees working with them.

The Mission Statements of Debt Management Services

There are five mission statements at ‘Debt Management Services‘:

  • Debt Management Services will work to a very high quality and will be professional in their departments and services.
  • Debt Management Services will provide training and development programmes for their staff, hence maximising morale and self worth. This shows that Debt Management Services treat every field agent and every employee as a very important part of their organisation.
  • Debt Management Services will continue to ensure that they will always provide an excellent service to customers and will remain being the top arrears management company in the United Kingdom.
  • Debt Management Services is always ready to read customer and client feedback, and they ensure that they will make every communication clear and concise.
  • Debt Management Services will build and improve every relationship with all their clients and customers, because they know that it is their clients and customers who make their business what it is.

Services Provided By Debt Management Services

Debt Management Services provide a number of services including mortgage shortfall trace and telephone collections, tracing, property inspections and mystery shopping at the estate agents, mortgage arrears visits and process serving.

  • Mortgage shortfall trace and telephone collections is a service to assist clients and customers tracing people who have seemingly disappeared, and to help them in their collection of bad debts. This service helps to ensure that clients and customers of ‘Debt Management Services’ are regularly updated on the current status of outstanding cases.
  • ‘Debt Management Services’ have their own experienced team of tracers with different kinds of tracing techniques, which include the combination of the traditional methods and the latest technology so that they can achieve very high, successful rates.
  • Property inspections and mystery shopping at the estate agents is a service which is used by a lot of financial institutions to see how the estate agents selling the repossessed properties perform. ‘Debt Management Services’ will then give the clients and customers a report and verify that there is no problem with sales literature or the property.
  • ‘Debt Management Services’ ensure that their clients and customers have confidence in their mortgage arrears visits. They also ensure that they can achieve the best solution for their clients and customers. The report they provide is clear and easy to understand and this is a service provided long term.
  • ‘Debt Management Services’ have more than fifteen years of experience in the process serving service. They can provide legal documents fast and efficiently. Their head office arranges each job with their well-trained field agents.
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Debt Management Services